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The President waiting to speak at the UN, Sept. 25, 2018

[Note by JW—This is the lecture the world leaders deserved to hear.  After the effrontery of laughing at first, then applauding when he took it in good humor, they sat there silently as Dad explained to the kids how it’s going to be. 

 The President’s speech is 35 minutes long, the text is 3,600 words.  It is worth reading entire, while the key quotes are in italics to quickly scan.  Watching his delivery is remarkable, calmly and dispassionately explaining to leaders of almost every country in the world how to deal with the most powerful nation on earth from now on.  This is a President every American patriot has dreamed of having since Ronald Reagan.  First the video, then the full text.  Watch and read with pride and joy.]

Remarks by President Trump to the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly September 25, 2018



kavanaugh-fightsIt’s been nearly a year since Ronan Farrow torpedoed the career of Harvey Weinstein, printing in The New Yorker a series of credible accusations that the Hollywood producer had sexually abused several women.

His piece touched off a firestorm that led to purges of incredibly powerful men in a variety of industries, finally forcing them to face consequences for their sexual misconduct.

Yesterday (9.24), though, Farrow and his colleague Jane Mayer did a huge disservice to the Me Too movement by publishing an incredibly thin sexual-abuse allegation against Brett Kavanaugh.  Critics by the boatload have condemned it, “Lazy at Best, Slimy at Worst.”

That story, a prime example of how some media outlets and left-wing voices have mishandled the accusations against the judge, will likely create a climate in which fewer victims are believed, more innocent men suffer for crimes they didn’t commit, and neutral observers are more inclined to doubt claims of sexual assault.

The political circus overwhelming the Kavanaugh confirmation will almost certainly weaken the Me Too movement in the long run by undermining its promise that the truth matters and that it will enable us to obtain justice.  It may already suffered a mortal wound.



trump-the-worldToday (9/25), President Trump is in New York, meeting world leaders attending the latest UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) gathering.  Tomorrow (9/26), he chairs the 15-member UN Security Council’s meeting on Iran.  Should be fun to watch.

The present continuance of institutions such as the EU, NATO, UN, and others suggests that the world goes on exactly as before.

In fact, these alphabet organizations are becoming shadows of their former selves, more trouble to end than to allow to grow irrelevant. The conditions that created them after the end of World War II, and subsequently sustained them even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, no longer really exist.

By 2016 Americans saw the postwar order as a sort of a naked global emperor, about whom all were ordered to lie that he was splendidly clothed.  Then came along the abrasive Donald Trump, who screamed that it was all pretense.  And he was right.



theyre-after-you So there you have it.  You can’t get clearer evidence of this than current Dem demagoguery with Brett Kavanaugh.  Dem dirtbags have no morality whatever as any normal person has.  All they care about is gaining power over you and me, and will commit any lying, cheating, stealing, and smearing it takes to get it.

But really – we all know this, which must include Republican Senators.  While the Dems are called the Evil Party for good reasons, it’s not true that the GOP is the Stupid Party, for no one can be that blind and dumb.  No, the GOP is the Coward Party, and right now that fatal flaw may result in their extinction.

There are so many lessons and good things to know this week.  Let’s go…



face-of-pure-evilThere are times when the face of pure evil that hides behind a mask of normality displays the hideous horror of its true self.

This is what California’s Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein has done.  The ghoulish attempt to destroy a honorable man’s life with a disgusting completely invented smear for which there is no evidence whatever should disgust anyone of moral decency.

With any luck, Senate Republicans may for once have the backbone to brush aside the pathetically transparent last-moment Anita Hill-type scam and quickly confirm Judge Kavanaugh.  That, tragically, may be asking far too much of Lady Luck.

Nonetheless, it is an opportunity to expose the scam that “DiFi” has been pulling off for many many years.  For she is far – far – more corrupt, crooked, and criminal than Hillary.

And like Hillary, her husband is her partner in crime.  Just like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum should be in jail for the rest of their lives.

The crookedness – indeed treasonous crookedness – of Feinstein and Blum is almost beyond belief.  Equally beyond belief is the treasonous refusal of the Enemedia to expose it – exactly like their refusal to expose that of the Clintons.



field-of-fightChristine Blasey Ford’s dubious, ever shifting charge she was molested by Judge Brian Kavanaugh when both were teenagers is getting blanket coverage from the Enemedia.

The Lying Swine play down the really important news this week -- President Trump’s order Monday (9/17) to declassify and “unredact” portions of documents pertaining to the FBI’s investigation of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Democrats in Congress and the Enemedia fear full disclosure will reveal the “investigation” was a sham, part of a plot to frame President Trump.

In which they were complicit. Exposure likely will lead to electoral disaster for Democrats, could result in jail time for lawmakers and journalists who knowingly took part in it.

Why am I confident of this?  It has a lot to do with that signature you see above.



maxine-is-tacosThe progressive street is leading fossilized Democrats into a dead end of collective madness.  From Dianne Feinstein to John Kerry to Maxine Waters to Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker, Democrats are losing their marbles.

The dinosaurs of the party desperately seek relevance by sounding crazier than the new unhinged base that disrupts Senate hearings, loudly pronounces a new socialist future, and envisions octogenarian Maxine Waters (age 80) as more the future of the party than is septuagenarian Nancy Pelosi (age 78).

The spectacle is right out of Euripides’s Bacchae, as the creaky old guard of the polis, Tiresias and Cadmus, dress up in trendy, ridiculous ritual costumes to stumble along after the racing and frenzied young maenads (the “raving ones”) in their lethal courtship of suicidal Dionysian madness.  

Here’s a summary of the madness.



kavanaugh-swearing-in[This editorial was published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Sept. 20.  TTP reproduces it here as a public service.]

It is still true: What begins as tragedy can end as farce. So it is with the case of Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her when she was 15 and he was 17 [36 years ago in 1982].

Let us posit that the one thing not at issue here is the truth. As a matter of law and fact, Ms. Ford’s accusation can be neither proved nor disproved.  This is as obvious now as it must have been when Dianne Feinstein and the other Democrats came into possession of this incident.

Surely someone pointed out that based on what was disclosed, this accusation could not be substantiated. To which the Democrats responded: So what? Its political value is that it cannot be disproved.



Democrat idols: Stalin and his chief henchman Lavrentiy Beria

Democrat idols: Stalin and his chief henchman Lavrentiy Beria

Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer has announced that Ms. Ford will not testify until the FBI completes yet another investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh that everyone knows will never happen.

It was already highly unlikely she was ever going to testify; this is a convenient excuse, a stalling game. But it is more than the usual cheap political stunt.  It's vicious, ugly, and more than slightly sadistic. In regards to Judge Kavanaugh, Democrats are channeling Comrade Beria's famous dictum: "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime."

But in the grand tradition of Stalin and Beria, it is our FBI that leads the pack, and the man whose crime they wished to "show" is President Trump.

Unfortunately for the FBI, the tables have turned and the crime stoppers are about to be unmasked as the criminals.



salem-witch-trialsThe Salem Witch Trials (Feb. 1692-May 1693) turned on what was called “spectral evidence.”

That was testimony from witnesses—either malicious or hysterical—who claimed the accused had assumed the form of a black cat or some other devilish creature and had come visiting in the night in order to torment the witness with bites and scratches, or to rearrange the bedroom furniture, or to send the baby into paroxysms.

Susannah Sheldon, aged about 18, testified that the defendant Sarah Good’s apparition—not the actual Sarah Good, but her spirit, her specter—“most violently pulled down my head behind a chest and tied my hands together with a whale band and almost choked me to death.” Other witnesses blamed Good for the mysterious deaths of cows or for causing a broom to fly up into an apple tree.

The judge, William Stoughton, admitted this nonsense into evidence. Hysterical fantasies had real consequences: Sarah Good and four other defendants were hanged on July 19, 1692.

Three hundred twenty-six years later, an anonymous woman—a spectral and possibly nonexistent woman, for all that one knew when the story emerged—accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago, when he was a high-school student.

It seemed as if the American constitutional process might be drawn back to the three centuries-old neighborhood of Salem, Mass.

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